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Where are you located?

Our fishing charter is located in Agat Guam at Agat Marina.  Our fishing boat Liquid Soul is located on A dock and our other boat No Quarter is located on D dock.

What is included?

Drinking water is included in the charter price and filleting the fish at the end of the charter so make sure to bring a cooler to take some fish back home!

Do we have to tip?

No,  but if the crew goes above and beyond for your charter then we like to believe they deserve a little something extra.  Usually, about 10% is recommended.

A marlin caught fishing in Guam.
Caught mahi on a fishing charter in Guam


Can we bring alcohol?

Yes, you can!  We always reserve the right to end the fishing charter and head back to the dock if it gets out of control or if safety becomes an issue due to intoxication.  Remember to pick it up the night before if you have a departure before 10:00 am as they don't sell alcohol early in the morning on Guam.

What should we bring?

It's always recommended to bring some snacks and drinks along with sunscreen and sunglasses.  If you are on our boat No Quarter we recommend bringing a rain jacket as its an open boat and can easily get wet.

What are we going to catch?

Well, we always like to start off by saying "pretend like we aren't going to catch anything, that way if we get skunked you already expected it".  Although these days are few far and in between we like to get all the good vibes we can get!  Every season is different but at the end of the day, it's the ocean so you never know what will be out there!  


Marlin Season: May-Sept

Wahoo: Aug - February

Mahi: January - May

Bonita: Year Round

Yellowfin Tuna: Year Round


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